Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first year...........

Since mom is a little far behind with this blog thing, she thought she would try to post the slideshow she made for me for my first birthday in March. This pretty much sums up my first year of life. She had so many pictures to choose from and couldn't decide which ones to delete, so the show ended up a bit longer than she planned.

Mom tried for hours to get this to post as one video, but the file is too large, so the show had to be split up into various posts. Mom liked it much better all as one, but this is the only way to get it posted. The show starts here and ends about 5 posts down. A word of warning, this is over 30 minutes total, so if you've got some extra time..........sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine (or my personal favorite--a sippy full of mik) and enjoy the show.

First year video-Part 2


First year video-Part 3

First year video-part 4

First year video-part 5